The Origin

“It started as a joke.” When founding father Ali Mahmoud and his friend Omar found out they were both accepted at UT Dallas, they were excited to spend more time together. A few weeks later, when driving to campus together, Omar told Mahmoud some news which irked him, “Ali, I’m joining FIJI.” Mahmoud was immediately reminded of the stigma which existed around fraternities, and the negative qualities of the centuries-old system. However, Omar reassured him that there were benefits; a close social group and a valuable network of opportunities. As they both expressed discontent with the lack of an alternative for Muslim brothers, they joked about the possibility of a Muslim fraternity. Soon, Alpha Lambda Mu – Alif Laam Meem was born.

There was a void to be filled. There needed to be a way for a young Muslim man to synthesise an organic, healthy lifestyle with an organic college experience. As Americans, not foreigners, Muslims at UT Dallas needed an institution in which their unique identity could thrive. ALM is not about "integrating Muslims into American society," as its members already embody the lived experience of being American Muslims. We’re a social fraternity with a strong emphasis on service, which seeks to build men who can serve their communities — all communities.

The Mission

Our mission is to connect, build, and sustain a lifelong brotherhood as the first Muslim-interest fraternity in America through excellence in character, excellence in service, excellence in intellectual standard, excellence in spirituality, and excellence in creativity amongst all members, chapters, conglomerates, and associates.

The Legacy

ALM looks for members that demonstrate passion, drive, competency, and excellence in character because those values are within one’s control. Although we’re build on Muslim values, we’re open to all, and we’ve had members from diverse paths join our journey. Our activities seek to reinforce the values Islam has set forth throughout history: an increased value of scholarly youth, a genuine brotherhood — or akhuwwa in Arabic — and a support group of lifelong companions who will stay with you through everything. Islam is a religion that’s been a part of a wide variety of cultures all over the world, from 7th century Arabia, to 10th century Spain, and now we’re building upon the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement for 21st century America. This is more than just our college experience, it’s our identity.